Elinor and I joined summer camp at the Museum of Nature and Science for the Pirates exhibit and a Mars talk. It was a little rough on Elinor, who had not napped that morning, but she survived and so did I. The campers LOVE her. They played peek-a-boo with her by crouching and then jumping up, and she was … intrigued.

Here are the pirates (the kids in front who didn’t have pirate hats were pretending to be slaves in shackles; they said Elinor could be a parrot, not a slave, since she REALLY didn’t like the hat. We had just seen an entire exhibit about slaves turned pirates, so this all made perfect sense in context, as most things seem to do):








But what Elinor liked best of all was our walk in City Park afterward, just the two of us. She loves watching trees appear — they fascinate her.

Like this:










And this:










And this:










I cannot wait to take her here when she can run around and exasperate me with her need to get wet:










What a great way to spend a hot summer day in Denver. Free entertainment with water. Yes, yes, yes.