It’s 12:09 and Amanda is writing.

She just watched the first episode of “Newsroom” after two beers and is well on her way through her third.

Why? She doesn’t even know.

But some post on Facebook made her start googling her ex-bosses at Outward Bound, and it’s a depressing scene. Something about youthful idealism? Optimism? Who knows.

Meanwhile, another ex-colleague she knows and loves from Outward Bound is raising 3K at fundraisers for non-profits that support schools for girls in Nepal and other developing countries. Cool. But why can’t Amanda’s own chosen (created) non-profit  in Denver do the same for Denver kids? Yes, most Denver kids have running water and some basic hygiene and even occasional internet access, but why not help those in your backyard before those on the other side of the world? Especially when Amanda has watched as three of her own students have died, ate it, at the hands of stupidity and lack of knowledge?

Amanda feels the same way about adopting kids from Russia, and China, as opposed to those born just down the street from you. But then again, Amanda was lucky enough to be able to conceive the coolest, smartest, most amazing baby herself. We are all lucky for that. Go, E!

Not that I begrudge the girls of Nepal, all of whom will capitalize on their educations and help change the world for the better.

Why is it so damn hard to change your own backyard, though?

Again — three beers for a still-lactating mum– this is all excusable.

love to you all.