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I think I am just desperate for creative outlets. That, or obsessed with wool. Perhaps both.

But when Janice was out here, we both bought needle felting kits at the local craft store. I made a tiny little owl for Elinor, which she loved, and was taken with the whole process. Since wool, super-fiber that it is, naturally clings to itself, if you poke a barbed needle into shaped wool thousands of times, the whole thing felts and takes that shape, albeit a tad bit smaller. But that means that you can sculpt wool into almost any shape you want, and that means safe, fun, cute toys for babies. Or for adults — I made Chad an anatomically correct heart (from another kit I shared with Janice) for Valentine’s Day, as well as a weird little bird.

I can’t find the owl, the heart, or the bird, of course, but I just made some toys for my niece and nephew, whose birthdays are approaching. I think I might try to make sets for all new babies — they’re so easy to hold and so safe and fun to chew on ….

Harper’s panda:

Peyton’s sea turtle:

At MDPL camp Friday, the wonderful 6th grade girls thought Elinor should make her own art. “She can be a writer AND an illustrator!”

So they produced paper and markers, and — well, you can see the process.

Unsure about all of these teenagers.

The paper is produced.

Marker in hand -- and hand in Zelda's hand.

Piece de resistance!

The artist contemplating her tools.

Oh, poor Elinor. She is doomed to a literary life with a momma like me.