Elinor has started solids. I was so afraid about delaying until after six months, though the doctor and the books all said that was ideal. But we tried some homemade rice cereal — and Chad wondered whether such an experience was outlawed under the Geneva convention. I had been gung-ho about making my own baby food, but apparently our blender was not up-to-snuff and even I could see that the little chunks were pretty difficult for Elinor’s mouth. I caved and bought the store brand of rice cereal, which Elinor then accepted a *little* more readily. It is iron-fortified, too!

Sweet potatoes went over a little better ….

Pear was disgusting!

But avocado seemed OK. She actually opened her mouth for that at one point. <sigh>

I really thought that solids would be some sort of key to a new life as a baby not completely dependent upon the boob (or late night feedings!), but alas — it is yet another slow introduction to life, in general, replete with ups and downs, patience, and stubbornness (on my part). I have to keep reminding myself that Elinor , despite falling over herself and us to get at our food as we bring it to our mouths, might not take to having a spoon shoved into her mouth. I also have to understand that pears, sweet and awesome as they are, might be a little bit too strong for Elinor’s palate at this point.

Chad and I were watching _The Office_ the other day, and Jim, father to a baby much like mine, claimed, “If I can make mushed carrots seem better than a boob, I can pretty much sell anything.” I laughed.

Next up? Mango.