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I kind of was being facetiously hopeful when I referred to myself as a law widow, earlier. I thought Chad was exaggerating.

But no. He began work Tuesday, and this morning — his very first Saturday — he was gone before Elinor and I awoke. It’s almost 10 and he is still working. He’s been gone late many nights this week, albeit for law socializing, but I’ve missed him already. We went downtown and joined him for dinner, which was fun and new, but I wonder how old it will feel three years from now.

It doesn’t help that we did decide to buy a scooter for him instead of another car. It was a good decision in so many ways; cheaper, cheaper insurance, free parking downtown, less money for gas, etc. But he has had to mess with his route because schoolkids were throwing pinecones at him (bastards!), and yesterday someone was an ass and almost hit him. I worry about him tonight, Saturday night, when he comes back so late.

It is fun to see him vroom away, though, and to hear the putt-putt motor when he returns.

It is a little lonely being without him so much. I’m being productive, though. I half-cleaned the refrigerator (ewww), volunteered for an MDPL workshop, finished the MDPL books from our LAST workshop, and made two more diapers. I handsewed one and used my mother’s sweet machines for the other. Can you tell the difference?

Cashmere, again. It almost doesn't fit her already.

Cashmere inside, wool/poly outside. Snaps are fun.

Ah — but you really wanted to see Elinor, didn’t you! I know the truth. So, yesterday’s photo from our late-night walk back from dinner with friends. I can’t believe she actually allowed us to make her wear the hat. Of course, she is a little miffed at us — hence the fist. Or is that just teething?

A month or so ago my uncle turned to me and asked, “Well, are you ready to be a law widow?”

Yes, Chad starts at the big, bad law firm in a month. He’s got a few more weeks of clerking for his justice, and then a week and a half off, and then our lives change significantly.

Speaking of that justice, Chad is camping at the base of the Angel of Shavano tonight with his co-clerk and their interns, while his justice and Chad’s female co-clerk are crashing in a hotel in Buena Vista. Tomorrow all six of them are going to attempt to summit Mount Shavano and, if the going’s good, Tabeguache.

Beyond my jealousy concerning this outing (I have climbed neither Shavano nor Tabeguache, and I WANT TO), Chad is gone for the night. This is the first night I will be alone, a single mommy. So far it hasn’t been too bad — my dad came over and we watched _The Princess Bride_ while I downed some Santiago’s burritos — but I am still awake at 11:05 and Elinor was kind enough to finally fall asleep around 8:45. Ah yes, Chad is a stabilizing influence on this night owl.

I’ve been dreading law widowhood, even though I am very grateful for it. There is no way we’d be able to afford my year at home without Chad’s job there. But Chad has warned me about 80-hour work weeks for years now, and both of us are nervous about how this will affect each of us, our relationship, and little Elinor. On one hand, I’m glad he has the job because the money will be great, and he’s SO bored with clerking at this point (though we both think it’s been an amazing experience). Chad’s itching to begin some real lawyering, even though he knows he’ll be low lawyer on the totem pole. On the other hand, I am so sad. If I didn’t want to stay home with Elinor, maybe he could find a slightly less high-paying job and be around more. I am going to miss him like crazy, and I think Elinor will, too. Then again, at least one of us is able to stay with Elinor this way ….

We will see. I am very careful about telling people that my year off is just that — a year off. Chad and I will see how this law thing goes. If he loves it, then we’ll see how I feel about continuing to stay home. If he hates it, then we will re-assess and I will look for jobs and daycare.

In the meantime, I miss him already, and he’s only gone tonight. I am such a sucker. But I am way more productive when he’s not around, which is both good and bad. 🙂